The following are eligible to become members.

  1. Graduates from Agricultural, Veterinary, Horticulture, Life sciences, Engineering and other universities.
  2. Teachers and scientists working in various State Agricultural Universities, ICAR institutions, Central universities.
  • Any other person interested in Agriculture and Allied Science problems.
  1. Persons of eminence whose services to the association are deemed desirable by the executive committee may be invited to be the honorary member.
  2. The honorary member shall make no payment and shall have all rights and privileges of a member except the power to vote and shall not be elected to the executive committee and the decision of the society on any matter shall be binding on him.
  3. The life member shall have all the rights and privileges of a member during his/her time.
  • New entrants shall be proposed by a member and on approval of the executive committee shall become members.
  • Members shall keep the Secretary informed of the correct addresses from time to time.

The members to the society shall be of two categories

  1. Life Members: Those members who pay the life membership fee and are accepted by executive committee are called as life members. They are having right for voting at the meeting of the general body.
  2. Institutional Member: Any organization/ Institution connected with agriculture and allied activities on payment of prescribed fee accepted by executive committee shall become an institutional member. They shall have no voting rights.

Subscription: Life membership: Rs 2,000/-

Institutional membership: Rs. 10,000/-

However, membership fee shall be subjected to change from time to time as approved by the executive committee and general body.

Source of funds:

  1. The funds for supporting the society shall be generated as follows Membership fee
  • Voluntary donations.
  • Aid from universities / boards / societies / government / public sector/non-government/ voluntary organizations /private limited companies /individuals.
  1. The treasurer of the society shall maintain all the accounts of receipt and expenditure of the association.
  2. Financial powers shall be with the executive committee. The executive committee may authorize Secretary and Treasurer to operate accounts kept in nationalized bank at Tirupati.
  3. All the finances of the society shall be audited annually by auditors appointed by the executive committee.
  4. The secretary and treasurer shall jointly sanction any amount upto Rs 5000/- for a single item and will keep executive committee informed.
  5. Utilization of funds shall be as follows*
  • Income shall be used solely for the purpose of meeting the objectives
  • All members of the society /executive shall be honorary.
  • In case of winding up, liabilities debts and assets shall be transferred to the society with similar objectives
  • If there remains some deficit in the assets of society, the same will be shared by all the members of society.
  1. Fines or penalties to be imposed on a member: The executive committee will decide the nature of penalty if any to be imposed on an earring member.